Why You Would Enjoy Vacationing In Mazatlan, Mexico

 While it might not be as well known as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, this southern coastal city called Mazatlan has become a popular vacation destination for those looking for a more laid back and sedate experience. It has been nicknamed the "Pearl of the Pacific" but not because there are pearls to be found off its shores. It is because as a gracious compliment to this friendly resort city, Mazatlan could thrive without any tourism at all due to its abundance of commercial fishing and the famous Pacifico Brewery. This gives the area the benefits of being an industrious town while at the same time keeping recreation activities in a more relaxed mode.

Because the city does not rely on tourism as its main source of income, it doesn't seem as hectic with multitudes vying for every dollar as it does in some Mexican resort towns. The feeling in Mazatlan is as if time has stood still. The resorts' staffs are very friendly, as is everyone in town, which makes Mazatlan feel like your hometown. Because of this, Mazatlan is a great place to come with your whole family. There is plenty for everyone to do.

Mazatlan has over 15 miles of beaches where you will find all sorts of water sports and activities, great waterfront restaurants, and most of the area's resorts. You will find the waters teeming with windsurfers, Hobie Cats, wave runners, and parasailing. If those types of heart stopping sports activities aren't your style maybe you would just like to take a dip and then soak up the sun while "people watching". Either way, the sun and sand provides a beautiful getaway from your normal weekly grind. 

Sport fishing has been a landmark in Mazatlan long before many of the other notable Mexican resort destinations were even thought of. The charter companies in Mazatlan have their fleets spread out, some at the harbor by the lighthouse and some in the marina. All of them can provide services that will enable you to go out for an amazing adventure and catch the "big one". Later, you can have your Marlin, Tuna, or Grouper prepared for your dinner!

Shopping is a great attraction in Mazatlan. There are many fine shops and even a couple of modern shopping malls spread throughout the area of the more "touristy" part of the city called Zona Dorado, which when translated means "The Golden Zone". With a name like that, who wouldn't want to shop there? On the other end of the spectrum, you can never go wrong by visiting the Mercado located in the middle of Old Mazatlan. This is true shopping in the old Mexican tradition with everything from leather goods and jewelry to hanging meats. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of any vacation is dining at traditional, local restaurants and Mazatlan has its fair share. A big benefit of being an ocean side city is that the eateries serve the freshest seafood. Being as large as it is, Mazatlan has a large and diverse collection of dining establishments to choose from.

If you would like to visit Mexico, but want your vacation to be a little more low-key and relaxed, maybe Mazatlan would be the perfect fit for you. It is an interesting city that seems to have a bright future.


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